culture and indonesian cities 

A series on culture and its mobilization as a strategy for city transformation in Indonesia, profiling Yogyakarta and Bandung.  
These pieces centre on innovative practices by cultural workers in cities, working collectively, using creativity and local wisdom, to improve Indonesian urban contexts.


Bersama sama togetherness as a strategy for sustainable cultural change in indonesia

Collectivization, as a strategy to address sustainability through culture, is rooted in Indonesia's complex history.

Yogyakarta: A city on the edge

Introducing Yogja as a city of culture and education: challenged economically and environmentally, but with a dense ecosystem of cutting edge arts practice.

Culture and socially engaged practise in yogja

Yogja's dense cultural ecosystem, supports a myriad of collectives and projects engaging in innovative, socially engaged practices.

youth and culture in yogja

Featuring three youth projects making an impact in Yogja: Ketjilbergerak, Acehouse Collective and Kunci's School of Improper Education.



Bandung is a unique creative city experiment, developed by citizens from its creative sector, and adopted by its municipality.

A Bandung Heritage: The Afro-Asia Conference 1955

The Afro-Asia Conference held in Bandung was a landmark event for rethinking the global south: its heritage worth remembering and reflecting on.

A Network of Indonesian Creative Cities

Scaling up an idea of what creative city could be, for a sustainable and just future in Indonesia, we meet a collective working nationally, but building from ground up.