Cebu: A Creative CIty? 

In this first series on Cebu, we focus, in September 2016  on its creative city designation.  We look at how this plays out in the rich and complex culture of the Cebu metropolitan with its challenges of poverty, infrastructure decay and divide.  We explore its vibrant creative scene which is building new models of economic sustainability into its practice.  Lastly, there is a reflection on what it may mean to work to be the best Creative City for yourself.  

Cebu: A Creative City

The first of four on Cebu, in the Philippines: we discover why it is considered a Creative City.

Cebu: A Cultural City

Cebu is a culturally rich and complex city. Its heritage a valuable resource for social change.

Cebu: Spaces Make Places

We discover Cebuano arts, design and music and visit cultural spaces around the city to meet young creatives

making the creative city

In this concluding piece on Cebu, we understand it as a creative city initiative in relation to cultural policy.